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Fonts: Choosing the Right Font

If you are a internet designer or wish to be one, or if you're starting an online venture that involves text, then you probably know that way you choose fonts is crucial to the success of your project. It just has to appear the right way, and the subtleties of ...

Gain More Facebook Fans

There is a phrase that's popular, and it goes something like "if you construct it they'll come". Nicely, that might be additional from the truth when you want to gain more Facebook fans. It's the same with any other website. If you construct a great website, and even when you ...

How One Setting Could Be Hurting Your WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Did you realize that 1 little, easy-to-fix, blog setting in WordPress actually has the energy to virtually kill any and all of your WordPress Search Engine Optimization efforts of all of your blog posts? In the event you don't setup WordPress correctly, this 1 setting will make all of your ...

Pinterest Review: Piquing Your Pinterest

So, you have probably heard about this new up and coming social media website called Pinterest. I decided to create a Pinterest Review to find out precisely what is so Pinteresting about Pinterest. I mean, really: why are so many individuals flocking to Pinterest, an additional social bookmarking website that ...

How to Track Performance in Google Analytics

PPC managers have struggled for a long time with the inability to track individual sitelink performance in Google AdWords. Cindy Prathoumvanh, on the Standing Dog blog, has solved the problem within Google Analytics. Cindy has discovered how to Track Performance in Google Analytics.

Facebook Timeline for Pages and Landing Tabs

Timeline for Pages on Facebook doesn't offer admins the ability to set a default landing tab. Here's why we think that is a great factor. Facebook lately revealed Timeline for Pages, and subsequently eliminated the Facebook default landing tab. You can no longer set a default landing tab. Whilst numerous individuals ...

How to Remove Paid Links

With regards to search engine rankings, we all understand that among the major search engine ranking factors is the number of links you've to your web site. And we know paid links can hurt your search engine rankings. Here is how you can remove paid links out of your website ...

Google Closing Hosted Domains in Google AdSense

Google has made the decision to retire the “hosted domains” product that they've via the Google AdSense system. Based on an e-mail directly from the Google AdSense group, they've evaluated the advantages of their companion network and decided to retire the Hosted Domains system with Google AdSense. This program shutting ...

IFTTT for Search Engine Optimization

When you have ever worked having an automobile scheduler for tweeting, you know how helpful they are. It is great to become able to routine automatic tweets to be tweeted at particular occasions. Here is how so setup and use IFTTT for Search Engine Optimization tasks.

  • January 31st 2013
    Tags: Technology Comments Off on Why is Google Authorship WordPress Not Working

    Why is Google Authorship WordPress Not Working

    In case you have a blog, then you definitely have to be sure that that you just setup Google Authorship. By verifying your Google Authorship, you can expect to make your blog content material really feel a lot more customized, as well as your photo will seem within the Google ...
    January 15th 2013
    Tags: Technology Comments Off on Facebook Graph Search: Who Will Use It?

    Facebook Graph Search: Who Will Use It?

    In a private, non-publicized press conference held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Facebook Graph Search, a way to search for things you might like based off what your friends think.
    January 7th 2013
    Tags: Technology Comments Off on 2013 Local Citations for Link Building

    2013 Local Citations for Link Building

    Marketing to your target demographic requires connecting with them on a platform that is readily available any place and time on any device. This citation building process will help your business reach out to potential customers and engage them. For Local SEO, the local citations are a key strategy for ...
    August 29th 2012
    Tags: Technology Comments Off on Do you Click on Sponsored ads in Facebook Paid Search?

    Do you Click on Sponsored ads in Facebook Paid Search?

    Are Facebook paid search results changing the game or causing problems? As sponsored search results appear in Facebook's typeahead, businesses have to consider the implications and challenges the new system presents. Is this feature causing problems by creating a whole new problem or is this new part of the Facebook ...
    July 21st 2012
    Tags: Genealogy Comments Off on The Genealogy of Peter Ouzts?

    The Genealogy of Peter Ouzts?

    I've been studying Peter Ouzts and also the genealogy and history/ancestry for him. I found that I am probably related through a distant relative, so I believed I would look into Mr. Ouzts a little more. Up to now, here is what I discovered:


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