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How to Get Back with Your Ex 5 Stages of Reconciliation

Your break up will be a devastating blow and is sure to leave you psychologically hurt , you will probably  be asking the question how to get back with your ex when you’re so hurt. You feel certain that your split  can be reversed , you just need  some more time to get your head round your predicament  and think through  how to get back your ex? The setback that you have suffered  in your relationship is not a permenant  event. There are ways you can go to get back with your ex. Invest your time and some effort , and just study these stages and see where it leads .

First stage  the pain you are feeling is temporary so try to let it go and move on, easier said than done you will probably think . You must use this “letting go”  as an chance  to stand back and free yourself of any depressed feelings you will  have , do not be tempted to shut out all the past events . By freeing yourself  you will be able to progress  towards understanding the possibilities and the question of how to get back with your ex, after a little time and conemplation,  will seem easier.

Second stage when you have settled your emotions and got things under control you should  be in a position  to see  what went wrong and forr what reason , you need to get to understand these things so that you can work out how  to put things right between you. You have now made the first major step to getting back together  once you have found the problems that lead to the separation, only then can you see if these problems  can be worked out .

Third stage a vital stage in the road to recovery is to give each other time right now to recuperate . This time  apart from each other  is necessary so that booth of you can reach a stage  where the two of you can reconcile what happened in the past and reflect on what is needed to put things right . Studies have found that those couples that allow each other breathing space with no immediate contact are more than likely to reconcile thier differences .

Fourth stage during this period you make a support network for yourself amongst your family and friends, you will be able to talk about your problems at your own pace and get their thier ideas of how to get back with your ex? As well as supporting you during  the emotional upheaval of the split , they will be able to help calm your thoughts and even pass messages for you and your ex.

Fifth stage this is the final stage and with the help of your friends you will be in a better position to try for  reconciliation, they may be able to clear the path and arrange the first date.  This date represents  is the final step in the recovery ,prior to the face to face you should proceed slowly start with emails, texts keeping the tone friendly and light if you rush things at this time it can be a setback, build interest and expectation. When the time comes to meet again plan out have you want things to go , try to prepare yourself for all eventualities, the whole direction  of this date is to rekindle  the flame that once burned. Be prepared to apologize  without any thought as to the reaction it might bring, just stay in there . This is the point where you will see if it is possible to know “how to get back with your ex ” 

Together we have gone through these five stages, never go to the next step until you have completed the previous one , give yourselves plenty of time   to take these emotional steps, you have created the best possible conditions for a positive outcome. Best of luck with your reconciliation