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R22 Air Conditioning Systems Need to be Replaced

I am writing to supply you with essential information regarding the phase out of R22 refrigerant gases in air conditioning units and how these new regulations affect you.

Since 2003, the use of environmentally harmful R22 refrigerant gases in new air conditioning systems has been banned under Government and EU legislation. Since Jan 2010 it has been illegal to use virgin R22 gas for maintaining or servicing air conditioning units and from December 2014 there will be an outright ban on all R22 refrigerant gases used in air conditioning techniques as the EU takes further measures to reduce dangerous carbon emissions.

If your air-conditioning program is a lot more than 7 years old, it is almost certain that you is going to be using an R22 gas.

Whilst your business can legally continue to use recycled R22 gas for air conditioning maintenance, you ought to consider acting now as the clock is ticking…

We can help you to develop a forward strategy for any replacement requirements.

Perhaps you are thinking of waiting until nearer the time? Then please consider this;

    * Whilst the phase out of R22 progresses, the BRA (British Refrigerant Association) predicts drastic shortages of recycled R22 gases as demand increases but supply is restricted.

    * This will inevitably lead to cost inflation for recycled gases and therefore for air conditioning servicing and maintenance repairs.

    *  Ultimately shortages in recycled R22 will undoubtedly leave numerous companies without an operational heating and cooling system.

    *   As these techniques have been made obsolete since 2003, spare parts are diminishing.

    *   Replacement systems are now inverter driven, reducing running expenses by approximately 30%.

    *  You will find hundreds of thousands of air conditioners in the UK which will need to be replaced. Supply and demand dictates price rises towards the cut-off date.

Please do not let your company be caught out. Take action now.

If your air conditioning uses R22 gases or you are unsure and you would like some help, contact ACS today. We would be delighted to arrange a free of charge, no obligation survey to provide an assessment of your air conditioning system requirements. We might be in a position to help you offset any capital costs against your annual tax bill and will almost certainly be in a position to show methods to decrease your energy bills and carbon footprint.