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Writing Effective Meta Descriptions for Your Pages

Frankie DeSoto, an Search engine optimization specialist at Standing Dog, continues to be writing about search engine optimization. His latest weblog publish is about effective meta descriptions and how it’s essential to create an effective meta description tag for every page of your web site.

There are several rules of thumb with regards to creating meta description tags. Maintain in mind first and foremost that the meta description tag can and can be utilized as a part of your real search engine outcome listing. So, it is essential to write this well to ensure that the users are enticed to click on around the real search outcome listing and visit your website. Here are a couple of other important meta description tag tips:

The most essential job of the meta description is to inform the searcher of what they’ll discover when they go to your website. They’re short snippets of text that include keywords and eventually perform as the marketing duplicate that influences the searcher to click. The descriptions should utilize target keywords in an intelligent and natural way. Very similar to with title tags, you do not want to create sentences that do not make sense just to work inside your keyword phrases.

A common rule of thumb is to maintain your meta descriptions in between 155-175 characters, with spaces. This is how many characters the search engines will usually show within the search results. Any longer and also you risk seeing them shortened in the search results. It is important to function your keyword phrase in to the starting from the description to ensure it’ll be displayed. I would recommend including your phrase within the first 120 characters if possible.

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